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Steph’s Birthday Cake

January 30, 2010
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In the tradition of making the most ridiculous cake I can find for Steph’s birthday, I made a crepe cake last week.  Twenty-six (I think; I sort of lost count) crepes, stacked up, with a ricotta cheese – cardamom filling, cream cheese frosting, candied hazelnuts and crystallized ginger on the outside. This might be tough to top in terms of ridiculousness, and it was probably the most fattening thing I’ve ever made (and I once roasted a whole pig…)  But I have to say, it’s pretty tasty.  I got the recipe here.  I almost lost my nerve mixing up the filling — so much ricotta, so much cream cheese, so much butter…two cups of whole milk (that’s four sources of milk fat, if you’re keeping track), eight eggs in the crepes — is it possible for something to be too rich?  No, apparently.  No it isn’t.

It wound up a little oblong, because I refuse to pay money for a crepe pan.  A regular non-stick skillet has rounded sides, so the batter will roll up on the sides a bit and make crepes that aren’t perfect circles; crepe pans have sharp sides, to prevent that.  Degree that this can be noticed in the end product < cost of a pan used for one thing.  Also, difference in tastiness = zero.

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