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Lolla #19: HEALTH

April 29, 2010

Sounds like: like #18, atmospheric and clubby; the band calls what they do disco, but I thought you could dance to disco. [-5]

You can listen to them at:

Sample Lyric: I can’t really make out lyrics in the remixes on their myspace page right now, and I don’t really care to keep trying because

Rather than see this band I will: look, I don’t have a lot of time for this kind of thing.  From now on when these bands come up, I’m just going to link back to this entry.  These sounds don’t *do* anything.  My standards for what art should do are pretty low — no politics, no social whatever, nothing but entertain, really [more extended discussion to come, I suppose], but I have yet to find an arrangement of apparently random electronic beats and cooing that does that.  Like at all.  I really had no idea there were so many of these bands; who, *I mean really*, seeks this out to listen to it, and for what reason?

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