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Lolla #23: The Constellations

May 6, 2010

Sounds like: Everlast (remember him?) by way of Parliament, as imagined by a fan of Smash Mouth who has never actually heard Parliament. [-15] 

You can listen to them at:

Sample Lyric: Their most notable lyrics are from “Felicia,” which is about blowjobs or, rather, about one Felicia’s facility at them.  Not, like, as a metaphor, like “Like a Prayer” about blowjobs, just a lot references to workin’ on your knees and lolipops and, [I kid you effing not] stick shifts (“put you in gear with a twitch of her neck”).  Music by Fisher Price + lyrics by Insane Clown Posse = Fail. [-25]

Rather than see this band I will: Listen to Smash Mouth while punching myself in the face.

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