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Lolla #24: Harlem

May 7, 2010

Sounds like: those competent-musician-druggie-slacker-kids you knew in high school actually got around to attempting a music career [+2]

You can listen to them at: ; listen to “Friendly Ghost,” and take the time to bask in the irreverance of this myspace page — under influences: “the only band we like is nirvana. the only album we like is nevermind. the only song we like is smells like teen spirit” ; they identify their made-up label, “female fantasy records,” as “Major.”  [+5]

Sample Lyric: “’cause i’m into shit that you don’t even know / and i smell bad / [something something] all your clothes “

I would rather see this band than: just about any other “lo-fi” act.  To quote PopTartsSuckToasted, the secret to lo fi is to “write a [good] pop song and scuzz that shit up”; it is not a license to drone through crappy songs.  These guys get that.

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