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Lolla #26: Company of Thieves

May 11, 2010

Sounds like: From my wife: Voice sounds kinda like Regina Spektor…Guitars sound like one of those crappy sensitive late-’90s bands…Like the kind that did soundtracks for ‘Party of Five'”

You can listen to them at: ; listen to “Pressure” [which is listenable, just like 90s light rock…]

Sample Lyric: “The pressure is rising /  I mean it, it’s binding / I’ve been compromising for you”

Rather than see this band I will: Find some other way to bring peace and healing to the world, which is apparently the real goal of this band: “The members of Company of Thieves are collectively grounded, and well-versed in the challenges the world faces today.”  Tough challenges, like hunger and taking yourself too seriously.

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