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Lollapalooza Analysis, Triumphant Return – #30: Balkan Beat Box

May 26, 2010

Sounds like: One of these guys came from Gogol Bordello, so something like that, but, really, this is about as difficult to classify as music gets. [+3]

You can listen to them at:  Listen to “War Again,” but try not to catch the words [+1]

Sample Lyric: “I’m the digital monkey / supply the frequencies / and beat the rhythm that’s funky / I come from Middle East but don’t belong to no country/ I jump from tree to tree / put my drink on cd / with the beat beat beat / all the ladies in the place make me feel sexy / I got the style forget the taxi” [uh, -4]

Draw: Balkan Beat Box makes me wish I could take my ability to draw meaning from words [which they render useless and even painful] and trade it, temporarily, for the ability to dance [which they very much demand].  But I can’t, and, wow, those lyrics.  In the music-festival setting, though, I think they will be worth seeing.

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