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Lolla #36: B.o.B.

June 15, 2010

Sounds like: the only hip-hop act on the main Lollapalooza bill so far [just for that, +3]

You can listen to them at:

Sample Lyric: “since i was planted at birth / i abandoned my old planet and i landed on earth / as a kid i never understood what i observed and / some of it was strange but most of it disturbed me / i was always in detention for the lack of my attention you can call deficient / really i just didn’t listen” [these lyrics are salvageable, but this guy’s flow, all staccato, with a full stop and an ironic accent on the end of every line, is like finger nails on a chalk board to me, -4]

Rather than see this band I will be seeing Foxy Shazam, obviously.  I think B.o.B. will do fine without me, though: he’s obviously packaged to be going places — he’s on T.I.’s label, and his album full of celebrity f-t-periods [Rivers Cuomo?] is already doing well.  There are worse things to sell teenagers, I guess.

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