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Lolla #40: The Big Pink

July 5, 2010

Sounds like: sometimes, like happy art; other times, kind of like forgettable dance music.  

You can listen to them at:  Listen to “Dominoes” (is this song not on a car commercial yet?) and I like “At War with the Sun” if you have a chance to hear it somewhere.

Sample Lyric: So, when I first got into this band, I thought in “Dominoes” it was “three words we shared said too early on / start with ‘forever’ float up on ‘until’ / swimming with the fear where we slowly drown / ending at ‘never’ [something something] melody” — see, it moves from the implied “I love you” to three other words, levels of commitment, with “until” open-ended, hanging there as a life-saving floaty in the, you know, drowning metaphor, which is pretty masterful…but since then (and since getting so carried away as to buy the album on the strength of that verse) I’ve become convinced that it probably says “float upon a tear,” partly because the rest of the album just doesn’t sound like what I’d expect from someone who’d use “until” that way, and partly because “float upon a tear” is just garbage, like, wow, terrible garbage.  So these guys are either artists, or should be writing for Celine Dion.

Rather than see this band I will: meh.  probably go see Drive-By Truckers.

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