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The Best Band You’re Not Listening To (first of a series)

September 27, 2011

Today, that band is the Static Jacks. After three EPs, finally a full album, so hopefully they won’t be playing on the bottom of obscure bills for long (pretty awesome bills, but still — and they’re not even on the poster).

Sounds like: Morrissey and Steven Page had a baby, then took away all its toys, except for a scuzzy guitar and a drum.

Sample Lyrics:

honey, darling, sweetheart, forget my name
my heart’s dead anyway
i’ll build walls up deep inside my mind
i’ll keep the [water?] out as long as i’m alive
but one day you and i will go to sleep and not wake up
where can we go from here?[i think?]
and how am i supposed to give a fuck?

From “Walls (We Can’t Work it Out)” (which follows a song called “Sonata (Maybe We Can Work It Out)” on the album)

Listen to them, now, on their site:

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